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Want to lead a shining life while enjoying access to world-class education and higher-earning facilities? Then, studying abroad is the only solution. However, successful onboarding in a foreign country's institute necessitates numerous strategies, documentation, communication, and so on.

Challenging? Uncomfortable? What if you get expert guidance regarding your higher education in a foreign land? Yeess! You can get it. HT Global, a prominent student consultancy, is here to help by providing effective solutions for Bangladeshi students in foreign education.

Countries that HT Global Consultancy Covers

HT Global nearly covers every top destination in the world. Among them, most cases are handled by us for countries like the UK, the USA, India, EU countries, Canada, Australia, etc.

Study in Canada

Students from Bangladesh who want to settle in the world's leading country should study in Canada. A world-class education system, a wide variety of courses, a post-graduation work permit, etc. also count as added advantages.

Study in UK

If you request suggestions from friends & family regarding studying abroad, obviously, their first suggestion will be "go to the UK." Why? There are many reasons, including quality education, learning industry trends, ample part-time jobs, easy-to-get scholarships, and many more.

Study in Europe

Europe is an "opportunity mine" for Bangladeshi students. Highly valued degrees, massive cultural freedom, visa-free travel opportunities within the Schengen countries, etc. make EU countries hot favourites for students.

Study in USA

In the minds of ambitious people, the journey to higher education in the United States always beckons. In the US, everything is present, from top-ranked universities to cutting-edge technology. Also, this destination offers a good career in the US after graduation.

Study in Australia

Innovative research opportunities and a welcoming environment are the two factors encouraging students to study in Australia. Additionally, nearly guaranteed PR, all types of courses, and high-paying jobs make this destination one of the top choices for students from Bangladesh.

Want to Study in India

Why Choose HT Global Consultancy

  • Why Choose HT Global Consultancy
  • Affordable service charge.
  • Ready with solutions to every problem of yours, from university selection to lodging arrangements.
  • Fully transparent procedures, no "hide & seek" at all.
  • Real-time response.

People Also Ask

The countries like Norway, Finland, etc. are the cheapest as there are no tuition fees.
It is certainly possible. But you have to take a language-learning course first before starting the main course.
Germany is the best European country to study and work for Bangladeshi students.

Student Reviews

They are the best 💜 They are so honest and think about Student's future more than their profits.

HT global is a nice agency. They help many many students for their higher studies abroad. They also help me.

Very Nice environment, they are very helpful & informative for Students & medical tourism.

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At HT Global Consultancy, we believe in operating with the highest professionalism, transparency, and ethics standards. Our affiliations & memberships demonstrate our commitment to providing quality services.

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