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Study abroad is your ticket to a quality education, a modern lifestyle, safe living, and sometimes PR. Also there are others, such as knowing a new culture, learning new skills, and earning for a good living. Unfortunately, availing of this ticket is not that easy; there is a barrier between you and the ticket: "VISA".

We, HT Global, see a significant amount of students fail to get visas each year receiving financial and mental distress. With enriched experience, HT Global’s experts can restrict such occurrences. However, here, we detail the ins and outs of visa processing for Bangladeshi students to give you a head start.

Requirements for Visa Processing for Study Abroad from Bangladesh

Visa Processing for Bangladeshi Students

Well, the requirements vary from country to country. Below is the list of common requirements.

  • HSC and SSC certificates and mark sheets for undergraduate courses. And HSC, SSC, and bachelor’s degree certificates and mark sheets for postgraduate study in a foreign country.
  • Acceptance, admission, or COE letter from the respective institute.
  • Financial documents proving you or your sponsor has the ability to bear your tuition fees and living costs. Please note that the displayed amount should correspond to the cost of one year (10 to 11 months per year), not the whole study period.
  • Language certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Specialized certificates like SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
  • Recommendation letters. We suggest you get those from your previous institute’s teacher or professor.
  • A filled-out visa application, photos (one to three), and an application fee payment receipt.
  • Some countries need medical examination reports, travel insurance, health insurance, etc.
Visa Application Process for Bangladeshi Students

Step-by-step Guide to Visa Application Process for Bangladeshi Students

Below are the detailed guidelines.

  • Receiving the acceptance letter.
  • Paying the visa application fees.
  • Currently, most countries request applications online. Go to the respective site and apply online.
  • Get an appointment at VFS Global or the respective visa application center for the submission of hard copies of documents and biometric details.
  • Attend the visa center on the given date and time.
  • Submit all the documents, paying the respective visa center’s service fee (if any).
  • Wait patiently for the response regarding passport delivery.
  • Upon receiving confirmation, collect the passport with the visa sticker.

How Does HT Global Consultancy Visa Processing Work

Visa Processing Work by HT Global

HT Global’s work process is detailed below.

  • After you contact us, we send you a checklist of required documents.
  • We collect your documents.
  • Examine the documents and determine whether any additional documents are required.
  • We go for a closed-door consultation session with you and your parents regarding the financial documention (financial solvency, also known as bank solvency).
  • Upon document readiness, we pay the visa application fees on your behalf.
  • We make the appointment and notify you of the date.
  • Lastly, we collect the passport from the visa center or embassy (by taking your acknowledgment).
Student Visa Processing by HT Global

Why Choose HT Global Consultancy

It is a burning question, for sure. We respond using the highlighted points below.

  • We are experienced, professional, and committed.
  • You will get the most updated information regarding visa requirements.
  • There will be no "hide and sick." We know how important every penny is to you.
  • We make no fake promises; we only say what we can do.
  • Personalized service and solutions.
  • We are always ready to respond to your queries.
  • Affordable service charge.
visa processing for madical student

Other Services of HT Global Consultancy

  • University Admission
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Travel plan
  • Career plan
  • Migration file processing, and many more.

People Also Ask

VFS Global is a third-party visa application center. It collects documents and biometric data from students to support Bangladeshi students’ foreign student visa processing.
It depends on the embassy and the criticality of your case. However, in general, the visa processing time is one to four weeks.
Yes, an IELTS result is necessary. But, it is better to say that a language certificate is necessary; it can be IELTS, TOEFL, German, French, etc. as per university and country requirements.

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