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Do you know, your higher education is a financial investment? And if you are heading to study abroad from Bangladesh, the investment possesses an extensive amount of risk in terms of admission and visa failure. So, what are the risks? The risks include losing money, wasting time, depression, etc.

This is how student profile analysis matters. HT Global Consultancy uses its expertise and experiences in student file processing to check the eligibility of each student free of charge. This approach has proven beneficial for many students. To introduce the process, we have included all relevant information here.

Profile Analysis for Bangladeshi Students

Why Student Profile Analysis?

The following points will help you understand the significance of conducting a pre-assessment of your ability to gain admission to a foreign institution with a valid student visa.

  • You pay the tuition in advance, and if the visa gets rejected, the returned amount will be far less than the actual amount.
  • In the case of failure, one valuable academic year will be wasted.
  • A huge amount of direct money loss: university application fees, visa application fees, student file opening charges at banks, medical examination fees, etc.
  • In the event of failure, you will suffer from anxiety, depression, embarrassment, and so on.
  • The visa or admission rejection has future consequences.

How HT Global Consultancy Student Eligibility Assessment works

Student Eligibility Assessment works

Below are the step-by-step guidelines.

  • Once you contact HT Global, the expert will ask you to provide information and documents.
  • After getting the documents, you will get a timeline for receiving feedback.
  • Meanwhile, the expert will use our specialized formulation to analyze the information and documents.
  • The expert will project the desired university and country’s requirements against your given information and the data collected from the documents.
  • A representative will contact you and provide you with the assessment result, whether you will succeed or not.
  • It should be mentioned that, if we see you cannot succeed in your selection, we will suggest some alternative universities and countries for your higher education.
  • However, we will also inform you of the negative points in your profile and suggest ways to improve them.
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Why Choose HT Global Consultancy

In this crowded student consulting marketplace, it is a very logical question. Let’s check why you must take our assistance.

  • Our processes are fully transparent; no "hide & sick".
  • We have dealt with countless numbers of students, a simple and enriching experience.
  • You can expect real-time feedback on your queries.
  • Experts at HT Global are dedicated, committed, and highly professional.
  • High visa and admission success rate.
  • Personalized services and solutions; we take care of every case separately.
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Other Services of HT Global Consultancy

Not only the pre-assessment but also we offer all the respective assistive services in foreign education for Bangladeshi students. Below is a comprehensive list.

People Also Ask

It varies case by case. However, you can expect to wait 48–72 hours to get your assessment result.
Basically, this service is free for students who register for services from HT Global. However, if you just want the assessment, please contact us - Click Here!
We say it is more than essential. By doing so, you can save money, time, and effort.

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They are the best 💜 They are so honest and think about Student's future more than their profits.

HT global is a nice agency. They help many many students for their higher studies abroad. They also help me.

Very Nice environment, they are very helpful & informative for Students & medical tourism.

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