Understanding of Visa Rejection: An Expert Guide for Students

Visa rejection is certainly a frustrating setback for Bangladeshi students. It usually results in demotivation, psychological distress, financial loss, and many other things. However, many students fail to get a student visa despite following the rules and meeting the requirements appropriately.

So, what are the reasons for visa rejection and refusal for students? With decades of experience and hundreds of case studies, experts at HT Global uncover some critical facts about students' failure to continue their academic journey in a foreign country.

In-Detail Reasons for Student Visa Rejection for Bangladeshi Students

Here, we’ve categorized the reasons into two criteria: primary and secondary.

Understanding of Visa Rejection

Basic Reasons for Bangladeshi Student Visa Refusal

The application form is not filled out properly.

  • The data in the application form and documents do not match.
  • Violation of visa rules and regulations.
  • Unacceptable travel itinerary.
  • The insurance purchased is not valid in the destination country.
  • Document missing or written in a language other than English (no translation provided).
  • Passport is going to expire soon.
  • Submitted financial documents cannot prove solvency.
  • Providing false information and documents.

Secondary Reasons for Bangladeshi Student Visa Rejection

The application form is not filled out properly.

  • Sponsor is not credible.
  • Criminal record.
  • Previous travel history doesn’t support the country’s diplomatic strategy.
  • The Embassy realized that the candidate would not be returning after graduation.
  • Applicant is going for a reason other than study.
  • Each academic institute is not licensed or approved.

How to Avoid Visa Rejection

  • Read the visa requirements even before applying to universities in a country.
  • Make pre-arrangements for financial documents.
  • Research the embassy websites along with any supportive source of information.
  • Before submitting the visa application online, ask a friend to cross-check the inserted information.
  • Arrange travel itineraries to the point (you must have solid proof, not just a booking).
  • Provide a clear and concise explanation of the intent of travel.

What to Do if Receive Visa Rejection

  • If you have confidence that the mentioned reason for visa rejection is not valid, appeal for a re-evaluation of the decision.
  • Recover your deficiencies and reapply for the same country.
  • Apply for a student visa for a new country.

How HT Global Consultancy Can Help

  • HT Global analyzes the applicant’s whole case for the very first time, even before applying for admission. As a result, there is almost no chance of a visa denial.
  • Experts provide professional and effective guidance in document preparation.
  • Each student counselor performs a closed-door meeting with the sponsor or parents to come up with a solid financial background.
  • Students get a real-time response for every inquiry, resulting in a prompt solution to the problem.
  • The service is fully transparent and favors the student.

Bottom Line

We hope now you know the answer of what are the reasons for visa rejection and refusal for students. The bottom line is simple: visa rejection is not desirable, but you cannot deny the possibility of it.

We suggest you be cautious at every step of the visa application process. A very effective strategy is to have in-depth knowledge of the desired country’s visa requirements from the beginning. It enables the applicant to make necessary arrangements for respective documents in advance, allowing for an evaluation of the documents.

However, the professional assistance of HT Global Consultancy can assist you in avoiding visa rejection. And you will be able to save money, time, and effort.

People Also Ask

It is generally unusual. Another country can know about the applicant’s visa refusal in another country only if both governments have a data-sharing agreement regarding this.
The Schengen visa is a centralized system. So, a visa refusal in every country (Schengen status holder) can be known.
The best way is to email the respective embassy with the visa number and your details to check the validity of your student visa. Also, various countries have separate sections on their websites to check whether the visa is genuine or not.
In general, if the embassy rejects your visa, they will provide you with a letter describing the reason for the visa refusal.

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