Analysis of Which country is best for study from Bangladesh

The advantages of studying in a foreign country go beyond classroom learning, offering impactful personal and professional development. Not only this, there are lots more reasons to make this decision; some examples include learning a new culture, skills, making friends with people from all over the world, etc.

Certainly, it sounds "awesome." But, as a student from Bangladesh, the country’s "developing" status and middle-class-driven economy add a red dot to your dream of foreign education. It forces you to encounter the question of which country is best for study from Bangladesh. Here, we detail this context.

Best Country to Study from Bangladesh

Best Country to Study from Bangladesh

If you belong to the middle or upper middle class (we see that 90% of students are from this population group), surely every penny matters to you. And when it comes to foreign education, many factors demand your attention, like tuition fees, application fees, accommodation expenditure, plane fares, post-graduation facilities, etc.

We have conducted an in-depth analysis of this matter, projecting education quality against the mentioned factors. Surprisingly, we have found that India is the best country for Bangladeshi students. But how come? Let’s check on our exploration.

Why India is the Best Country for Bangladeshi Students

Low Tuition Fees

The average undergraduate tuition fee in Indian universities is BDT 60,000–BDT 2,000,000 per year. Whereas, the undergraduate tuition fees in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. are above BDTK 7,00,000 per year.

Simply put, by taking higher education at Indian universities, you are saving nearly five to six lakhs per year.

Low Living Costs

How do you see high-class living, which costs BDT 30,000–1,000,000 per month in the USA, UK, etc.? With this amount of money, you get a decent living in a shared or single room with air conditioning, running hot water, laundry facilities, WiFi, safety, etc.

But, in India, the same facilities cost you a maximum of BDT 10,000 (in actuality, it is far less). Saving money, right?


If you are not aware of the difficulties of getting a visa for western countries, just check with your older brothers on Facebook. However, the difficulty is acceptable, but what about the unavoidable money loss in the case of visa rejection?

Apart from all those application fees, medical costs, document preparation costs, etc. The conversion of tuition fees from foreign currency to BDT will immediately cut the fund by BDT 50,000 – 1,000,000. Remember, a foreign currency's buying price is always higher than the selling price.

Additionally, the deduction gets worse when there is a sudden drop in the value of Bangladeshi Taka.

You will be surprised if you check India’s student visa-related matters. The visa fee is only BDTK 800, and there is nearly zero possibility of visa rejection. Again, India’s higher education for Bangladeshi students wins.

Travel Cost and Distance

Have you ever seen people from western and European countries attending family events by phone? Or a Bangladeshi is in lifelong pain due to not being beside the deathbed of a loved one? Do you know why these happen?

The answer is simple: the huge airfare and distance. But, in the case of studying in India, you are just 45 minutes (by air travel) away from your home in Bangladesh, which requires only around 15,000 BDT for a two-way air ticket.

After-Graduation Work Permit

Well, in this category, India fails. You cannot stay a single day there after finishing your studies. On the other hand, Western and European countries allow them to stay for 2–5 years by providing a post-graduate work permit. It is true.

Another truth is that not everyone gets a $100,000 PPA job. If you go by percentage, only 2–3 percent of Bangladeshi students get high-paying jobs in those countries. Rest continue with hourly odd jobs (waiter, griller, salesman, etc.), paying $10—$15 per hour. So, what is the point of wasting so much money?

If you have quality and skill, you can grab those high-paying jobs in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. with an Indian degree. Indian degrees are globally accepted.

Bottom Line

We hope now you have a sound understanding of which country is best for study from Bangladesh. It's India; we have proved it here. Can you see that you are going to save more than BDT 25 lakhs just in tuition fees?

Well, if you can realize that, your next step is to select an Indian university and apply for admission. To complete the admission process in a hassle-free manner, along with visa and accommodation arrangements, etc., you can contact HT Global Consultancy With more than 12 years of experience, HT Global Consultancy can help you substantially in your higher education in India.

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